Bonnie Paulsmeyer

•Current Editor

​•Retired from the MRH School District

•Member since 1988

Don Johnson
Member since 1946

Jeffrey Johnson
Treasurer/Secretary, Board,
Charitable Committee
Member since 1969

Philip (Phil) D. Johnson
Commercial Pest Management Services

Member since 2012

Tom Kniepman
Member since 2014

PNC Bank
- Mike Mathiesen
Corporate Member since 2014
Jamie McPheeters
Water Scale Solutions - owner
Member since 2016

Bonnie Paulsmeyer
Editor, Board, Charitable Committee
Member since 1988

Chris Peoples
Frontenac Engineering, President
Member since 2008

Devin Warren
Farmers Insurance & Financial Services
Member since 2014
Isaac Young
Attorney at Law
Member since 1960

Rebecca Barr

•Current President 

•Owner, Tu Square Studio

​​•Member since 2013

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Barry Greenberg

•Membership Chairman

•Owner, ADG Architectural Design Guild

•Member since 2004

Charles Fellous

•Current President Elect

•Owner, HALO Insurance

​​•Member since 2014

Brian Adkisson
Immediate Past President, Board
MRH School District
Member since 2011

Rebecca Barr
President, Board, website
Tu Square Studio - owner
Member since 2013

Andrew Bolin
Project Eliminate Chair,
Thrivent Financial - owner
Member since 2013
Citizens National Bank
- Christy Byrd
- Woody Johnson
Corporate Member since 2010
Jocelyn Diehl
Special Olympics Missouri
St. Louis Metro Area Director
Member since 2013

Leo A. Eason
Member since 1954

Charles Fellous
President Elect, Board
Halo Insurance & Benefits Group - owner
Member since 2014

Barry Greenberg
Membership Chairman, Board
ADG Architectural Design Guild - owner
Member since 2004

Samuel I. Heyman
Board, Kiwanis Camp Wyman
Advisory Board
Member since 1978

Brian Adkisson

•Past President

•Director of Communications at the MRH School District

​•Member since 2011

Jeffrey Johnson

•Current Treasurer/Secretary

•Farmers Insurance Group

•Member since 1969

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